Molino Pivetti

Molino Pivetti

Molino Pivetti


Campi Protetti Pivetti is the first brand (certified by international body CSQA) that guarantees a controlled supply chain and the use of 100% quality Italian grain in its range of flours for pizza, from the field through to the milling process. Pizza is recognised across the world as the Italian product par excellence and we believe that it must guarantee respect for its origins and traditions in every ingredient. Unlike in the past, nowadays Italy only produces 40% of the soft wheat it consumes*, importing the rest. Thanks to Campi Protetti Pivetti flours, food industry professionals that want to remain faithful to the authentic pizza recipe can finally count on an ingredient produced exclusively by milling the finest Italian grain, an ingredient of the utmost quality whose origins and goodness are certified. Our raw material is only cultivated in select fields in the area of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, known for producing the finest quality soft wheat. Since 1895 we have cultivated, harvested, blended and milled the best quality grain from our fields to create a truly Italian range of flours for pizza.

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Farina Molino Pivetti Mimosa 25kg

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